Monday, 19 August 2019

I Förfäders Spår 2019

Sagnlandet Lejre 2019

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Another market we visited for the first time was the Viking Week at the Land of Legends in Lejre. The Land of Legends has what the Archeon doesn't: A lot of space. The different time periods are embedded in a vast area shaped by the last Ice Age. At some places, Heck cattle, horses and Gute sheep keep the landscape open and provide it with a variety of structures from which the local flora and fauna profits. At other places, a lush forest and even some wetlands create even more diverse microhabitats. Within this idyllic piece of nature one can spot the occasional Stone Age hut, Iron Age village, ship stone setting, or - soon coming - a great Viking Age feasting hall. And just in case you didn't know: Beowulf did not kill Grendel... it lives on, by the sacrificial bog deep in the forest... Yes, we heard strange sounds during the night...

Even though we didn't know that many people when we came there and basically everything was being done in Danish (since even the other Germans understood and spoke Danish - we don't (yet?)), we felt more than welcome there. In a way, it was like taking a deep breath before going to the great fighting markets.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Hafnarfjörður 2019

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Next we flew off to Iceland. We left most of our stuff at home, borrowed a tent for during the day (which we shared with Max (kvalitativt krigsbyte) and Maxi) and totally confused our internal clocks because around that time Night did not happen up there. For everyone who heard about the Hafnarfjörður market before: No, it's not in a parking lot anymore. And for everyone who heard about Iceland before: No, it does not always rain there and it's not always cold (at least not when we're there...). The sun was brighter than we're used to (that's when you wish the Vikings had modern sun glasses) and the temperature rose to some beautiful summerly 22°C or so. After a fun market with fun people, we went hiking around and on the Snæfellsjökull with modern stuff (thanks to Trond for borrowing us the car!), spent some time in Reykjavík. an involuntary day in Keflavík due to canceled flights, and then... to Sweden!

Archeon 2019

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We started this year's summer tour during Pentecost in the Netherlands at the multi-period park Archeon. A very quiet and atmospheric start. Unfortunately, the park lacked a pair of nice wool combs for demonstrating this part of textile work, but we were able to change that :-) - It was the first time we were at the Archeon (Vil being there once as a child doesn't really count...) and we liked that place, but could not help noticing that everything is quite crowded. That's because the park could not expand area-wise as much as they once wanted to, so they had to put too many periods in too little space. It's still worth the visit, though.

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Wonderful Wool Workster.


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