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In a time when industrial mass produced articles from the Far East dominate the tools of everyday life, many of us engage in craftsmanship in their free time, because having something "made by oneself", however crude, gives a certain satisfaction. So it is likely that many of us in the reenactment scene have made their equipment in the same manner, even if he or she might actually portray a warrior. But it is here where the difference between the "do-it-yourselfers" and professional craftsmen lies: the former yields with sometimes the most up-to-date tools a presentable material result, whereas craftsmanship is a defining part of the portrayal of Viking Age life. Those with the goal of an authentic portrayal of craftsmanship should therefor work with accurate reconstructions of historical tools and means and should be able to delight the watching visitor with some knowledge.

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New local fleeces - Bergschaf, Blackface, and Rhönschaf


Last week we added some fleeces (or parts of them) to our wool collection. Even though they're not from any old Nordic sheep's breed, we are looking forward to make them into nice yarn.

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Lager/Markt (öffentlich) Beworben

14. Epochen- u Historienfest

Eine bunte Mischung aller nur denkbaren Epochen, traditionell warmes Wetter und viele tolle Darsteller sind für uns gute Gründe, das Pfingstwochenende auch im Jahr 2018 wieder in Jülich zu verbringen.

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Lager/Markt (öffentlich) Beworben

Wikingermarkt Schlotzau

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Lager/Markt (öffentlich) Vorgeschlagen

Moesgaard Vikingetræf

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Lager/Markt (öffentlich) Angemeldet

Ostermarkt Haithabu

Dieser Markt wird wohl der Jahreszeitlich früheste, den wir bislang besucht haben. Wie gut, dass die Winterpause bereits genutzt wird, um fleißig warme Wollklamotten zu schneidern.

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Autumn activities


The weather's not being kind to us. First, there was a lot of rain, and now it's getting colder and darker by the day. Certain signs that midwinter's on its way. But that's not going to keep us from doing more Viking Age-related stuff. Here are some things we've done in the meantime.

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The end of another season

While autumn leaves change colours once more and the sun sets quicker and earlier it is time to look back upon one more successful market season. Since we have been reporting about current affairs throughout the summer, we can limit ourselves to the last two months with a lot of activity and another two markets: The early medieval crafts market in Dietsfordt near Wesel and, very spontaneously, HIKG in Adventon near Osterburken.

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Dsc 7174
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Kufic script in tablet woven bands from Sweden?

You might have picked up the news already: Ancient Arabic, or to be more precise, Kufic characters have been discovered in tablet woven bands from Sweden. If this is true, the consequences might be most interesting...

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How common were certain weaves?

One of my favourite Viking/SCA-blogs posted something really useful yesterday. It's an overview over the abundance of certain weaves (like tabby, twill, diamond etc.) in Viking Age Scandinavian textiles. Bad news for all herringbone lovers: Quit using it so much.

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Warrior week in the Ribe Vikingecenter

After the muddy showdown at Mudgård, we went south to Denmark's oldest city: Ribe. There, we would have our last stay during our Denmark tour at the Ribe Vikingecenter.

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Interlude: National Museum of Scotland

Dsc 0985

Before we continue with the article on our first time at the Ribe Vikingecenter, we pause for a small interlude with pictures from the National Museum of Scotland...

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Moesgård? - Mudgård!

Dsc 1435

Moesgård was really big as well - this year they had more than 600 warriors fighting, plus all non-fighting companions and traders. But even though the campground not only covers a big, grassy field, but extends to the beach as well, it was very, very crowded...

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