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We're back - for a while...

After two months of traveling the North, we are back for a while to have some "normal", non-Viking life. We had a beautiful and interesting time and want to thank everyone who joined us - be it for weeks, be it for a fun evening only.

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The wool combs from Fyrkat

Viking Age wool comb finds are comparatively few, scattered and - compared to big textile finds, great collections of weapons or jewelry of gold and silver - not as easy to spot in the literature. We did, however, find a very nice pair of wool combs this year which is comparatively well preserved. This one we would like to show you in this article.

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The research continues!

The blog post might have gotten fewer during the last months, but that does not mean that we are hibernating in a corner like some bat, waiting for spring. On the contrary, we are working, researching and trying out stuff.

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