A small midwinter feast The wool combs from Fyrkat

Víl found himself some nice tree trunks and is currently practicing making bowls and troughs. Some wooden hooks are being produced as well. Not to mention all the preparations for new wool combs.

In the meantime, Ása is continuing her research on the topic. Every clue on Viking Age wool combs is being looked at so that the article on our website stay as complete es possible. Right now she is going after more details on some Norwegian finds, wool combs from Fyrkat and Århus as well as some possible wool combs or their teeth from Jarlshof (Shetland Islands) and Trelleborg.

While looking at the literature, one often finds some interesting things one wasn't even looking after. Some of those might end up as an article or at least a blog post on our website eventually. Like the home of the woodworker Hikuin who lived in 10th century Viking Age Århus. Stay tuned!