Ribe warrior week 2020 Woolcomb-interview on Youtube

Order and delivery?

Usually I won't sell anything via the Internet because human interaction and explanations in a Viking market situation is an important part of our Viking hobby. Even though I have an official small business running for the production and sale of textile tools it is still a hobby and not intended as a profit making enterprise. Thus if you wish to purchase a tool or wool from us, please feel invited to visit our tent during one of the markets listed in the event calendar. Another important reason for this: I hold the belief that one should hold a tool in ones hand before buying it, especially if it's not a standardized industrial product. This is only possible during a market, because I'm not willing to put up with all the fuss around sending-and-returing-via-parcel-delivery like bid online retailers do, apart from all the ecological and social nonsense accompanying that.

But, as always, there are exceptions to all rules: Order a wool comb, try it out and and buy it during the next market? No problem! Try out a comb during a market and order it later (assuming it is still available by then)? Usually no problem as well. Or try out a comb during a market and pay for one with changes to be made, then sent by parcel? Of course that's also possible. A proper invoice will of course be included.

"I could sell your combs for you?"

It's not unheard of for merchants within the Viking scene to be selling produce of craftspeople on their behalf, for it potentially increases the customer base for those craftspeople enormously. This might work for some but we prefer to sell our products ourselves exclusively: Sale, explanation and demonstration is an important part of our market activities and we're not interested in making as much money as possible. Producing wool combs is far less profitable than our day jobs ;)

Which models are available? Prices?

When I started making wool combs, I tried out different designs and used what materials were available at the time. By now, having a lot more finds descriptions available, I try to stick to three main "models" that are described in more depth in the description of source material. To a certain degree, I'm able to incorporate customer ideas and special wishes.

Here are some examples:

Grundform Holz Zinken Reihen Blechbeschlag Preis
Ostrów Lednicki Oak 9 1 steel 150€
Ostrów Lednicki Lime 9 1 steel 150€
Ostrów Lednicki Oak 11 1 Bronze 155€
Ostrów Lednicki Oak 19 2 steel 160€
Norwegen Beech 15 1 steel 160€
Norwegen Beech 25 2 steel 190€
Fyrkat Lime 13 2 steel 160€
Fyrkat Lime 7 1 steel 145€
Fyrkat Lime 13 2 Bronze 175€

Other types of wood are available upon request. The wooden part's finish will be such that it looks nicely and working with the tools will be quite pleasurable. If you prefer a relatively rough look and feel, you'll get a discount of 10 € per pair. If you prefer a "high gloss" finish without any traces of manual wood working, add at least another 20 € per pair.

Normally I work standard wood nails into tines by grinding, blackening  and bending them. If you prefer completely hand forged tines, add another 5 € per tine to the above prices (and expect a long delivery time).

Which model is the most authentic one?

Please to have a look at the source material and decide for yourself. Currently I would recommend a copy of the Fyrkat combs for we have a detailed finds description for them and they are made using measurements and materials closely matching the original. Also, they are the most ergonomic ones I've made so far.