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Finally, Víl managed to finish the last piece of kit purchased in Trelleborg: a hand forged spoon carving knife. At this point, a new addiction was born: carving spoons.

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Autumn activities

The weather's not being kind to us. First, there was a lot of rain, and now it's getting colder and darker by the day. Certain signs that midwinter's on its way. But that's not going to keep us from doing more Viking Age-related stuff. Here are some things we've done in the meantime.

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The end of another season

While autumn leaves change colours once more and the sun sets quicker and earlier it is time to look back upon one more successful market season. Since we have been reporting about current affairs throughout the summer, we can limit ourselves to the last two months with a lot of activity and another two markets: The early medieval crafts market in Dietsfordt near Wesel and, very spontaneously, HIKG in Adventon near Osterburken.

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How common were certain weaves?

One of my favourite Viking/SCA-blogs posted something really useful yesterday. It's an overview over the abundance of certain weaves (like tabby, twill, diamond etc.) in Viking Age Scandinavian textiles. Bad news for all herringbone lovers: Quit using it so much.

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Moesgård? - Mudgård!

Moesgård was really big as well - this year they had more than 600 warriors fighting, plus all non-fighting companions and traders. But even though the campground not only covers a big, grassy field, but extends to the beach as well, it was very, very crowded...

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Looking back to the Denmark-tour

A few days ago we came back from our big Denmark-summer-tour. Almost a month of "Viking life", traveling from one market to the next, staying always at least one week at one place, gave us some really special impressions.

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The summer solstice is over and now we walk towards the darker times of the year again. However, this is no reason to fall into some kind of winter lethargy. It's rather the opposite - most of this year's markets lie ahead of us, after all. And apart from that, we haven't been lazy.

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Update: Current activities

This year's Viking season is well underway with the first market having been the exceptionally nice Easter market at Hedeby and our recent visit to the Frankfurt Archaeological Museum with Ylgia and Gisli. But there's of course more going on, so here comes a brief update on our current 'behind the scenes' activities.

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Guided tour "Women (and women pictures) in the pagan North and on the Christian continent"

During the exhibition "Odin, Thor and Freyja - Scandinavian Cult Sites of the 1st Millennium AD and the Frankish Realm" by the Archaeological Museum Frankfurt and the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, there are several guided tours focusing on a certain aspect. We visited one of them - "Women (and women pictures) in the pagan North and on the Christian continent", by Dr. Petra Hanauska.

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Greenland's last Vikings

The Sagas tell us how Icelandic Vikings settled in Greenland, archaeological evidence has proven it a long time ago. For generations there lived a Norse population on the southwestern coast. But during the 15th century, contact with Europe ceased. The Greenlanders have died. Why?

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Article on "virtual excavations" at Birka

If you thought that there's nothing new to get at Birka and everything is known, you are badly mistaken. Especially during the past years there has been a lot going on. There is now an article about the latest investigations to be found under "'A'...

Now in English!

Since we'll be expanding our activities more and more into other countries outside Germany, we finally have an English version of our website, albeit only of the most important parts and not all of the articles. But stay tuned for more content!