Greenland's last Vikings Starting the season at the Haddebyer Noor

As we were traveling there we got a first taste of what was waiting for us for the whole weekend: April weather at its best. The only thing missing was snow, but the hail was pretty close. But even if Þor was somewhat moody - the market made us forget it all (almost).

But first we needed a place for our camp. The wind was blowing strong so that we had to think about in which direction to face. Luckily we came to an arrangement with another group. In fact, this turned out to be a harmonic combined portrayal of the period, and quite enjoyable, too. And while the Oseberg-, Saxon- and further tents were erected, we painfully realized how much work we still have left regarding our new tent...

The spring market in Hedeby left nothing to moan about (except the weather - but we were told that that's the way in the North). It was very well organised (Thanks to the Barkmanns!), the atmosphere very pleasant and the Viking Period portrayal of a high quality. Another plus: the ongoing  and visitable excavations! Apart from simple and mosaic pearls as well as rusty nails, a small Thor's hammer made of lead and some other precious objects were found. Because we were asked not to publish anything, please take a look at the museum's webpage for more details. The exchange between archaeologists and reenactors was enabled further due to the fact that the three students doing the dig spent one evening at the market and shared some mead and beer with us.

It's clear to us that we want to make camp in Hedeby again next year. But before that happens there is still much to do: sewing the new tent and even warmer clothes, making more wool combs etc. . We got a lot of input and motivation for improving ourselves (and lost lots of hacking silver). A photo gallery with our personal impressions will follow soon. Stay tuned!