Warrior week in the Ribe Vikingecenter How common were certain weaves?

If you want to represent what "people looked like more than a thousand years ago", you should choose the most common things, after all. This is not easy since we are confronted with so much nice Viking bling. The common argument is that "the graves is all we have" (which is not true) and that it is therefore okay wander around like a Viking peacock (which is not true as well, I think. Most people overdo it). The thing is that the peacock soon becomes the norm on Viking markets and that no one, not even the Living history people, realize just how splendid it would look compared to the sparrow.

The charts in the blog post may help to reconsider our perceptions in this matter. And the next time we're going to buy no woolen cloth, we might think carefully about what we are going to use it for and decide to not buy the fancy herringbone but rather take the simple 2/2-twill instead.

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