Kufic script in tablet woven bands from Sweden? The end of another season

After spending almost a whole month as Vikings in Denmark and experiencing an incredible atmosphere (and incredibly good market organization!), it was clear that everything else . Although the Diersfordter Markt with its 350 predominantly top-class assets a quite remarkable event and last year was certainly the highlight of our market season, but this year the preparations were accompanied by a somewhat unsightly feeling. This was due to a newly formulated set of rules, which reminded rather of an official set of rules than an apperance of reason and personal responsibility of the actors to put together a great event (just one example: "Punched out grass patches are to be used again after the event" instead "You may prune sward pits for your fire pits, but please put them back after the event to protect the lawn of the event grounds, and of course, fire pots can also be used if they blend into the ambience"). Furthermore, the thought police demand that all performers agree with the objectives of the Aachen Declaration, on. If you want to maintain an open, honest and adult interaction with your guests, it is better not to tell them what the contents of their motivational and intellectual world should look like.

Fortunately, but no porridge is eaten as hot as it is cooked and thus the market itself was a nice event and all the complaining behind the scenes should not be carried out at this point, since the market organization has already received our feedback. It was nice to meet old friends and meet new nice people, especially our direct neighbors. Although the symposium on Friday was not very well attended, despite the rainy weather, the presentation topics provided a well-balanced mix of topics and a nice exchange opportunity between Akademia and Living History amateurs. At the same time, this first rainy market day was the first test of our new wool tarpaulin. Víl had sewn up like a Possessed Randsaum and Liektau in the weeks between Ribe and Diersfordt, as we had ritually burned the old cotton tarpaulin, which had let us down again in Denmark, as additional motivation. Conclusion: The tarpaulin is dense, the climate in the wool tent is noticeably more pleasant than under cotton or linen. The tarpaulin was a small highlight for many visitors and performers alike.

Since a weekend market at the beginning of September is not really a satisfying end-of-season experience, we considered signing up for the autumn festival in Adventon at short notice. Ultimately, the deciding factor was that many of the HIKG warriors were traveling in Denmark, and the mood in the evening was already quite "epic" the year before. Our condition was that we should be able to travel without a fire bowl and straw for our mattress, which was not a problem from Adventon's side. So we actually managed to pack all our belongings in the very best Tetris manner in the Astra station wagon of Ásas parents, the poles on the roof rack. So we made the 370km in less than 4.5 hours drive, instead of the usual 6-7 hours. Unfortunately, we got a place at the end of the world, beyond the dealer's mile and just before a few GroWi camps. Next year, we'll probably have to look for another end-of-season market, because this punk annoys and has been there ever since the first set-up (even a compliment from the organization like "you have the most authentic camp on the whole meadow!" Hurts a bit, if that is only camp in the meadow is). Otherwise, the event did not disappoint. From combat training, we were little with, the visitor numbers were fine and we had from our camp a first-class view of the great battle itself. In the evening was felt much less going on than last year, which may have been due to the fact that next to 25 Danes and 3 Norwegians no significant international audience was present. Nevertheless, there were nice rounds of talks at the central warrior campfire and Saturday night in the petty bourgeois also made for a lively exchange. Overall, it was relatively cold, but thanks to enough woolen clothes we were able to cope with the circumstances. However, the recurring drizzle made sure that we were allowed to pack wet on Sunday and here it turned out how hard wet wool can become. Getting all the clothes back in the car became a frustrating affair, but in the end everything went well. Arrived at home drying the tarpaulin took a week, because the fall had come along with its weather.