Spoons New spindles and needles

Even though every second stand on the market sells nalbinding needles and one could think that the market was saturated, we still sell quite a lot of them. Víl takes advantage of the fact that needle sized pieces of wood are a by-produce of his woodworking and uses this to maintain our supply of needles in different shape and size. Especially relativlely short and slightly curved needles often find new owners, which is why this batch mainly consists of ca. 5-8cm long ones made of cherry and yew.

By now Víl optimized his techniques of producing spindle shafts so much that five to six may be produced during a good evening, depending on the type of wood and the quality. He doesn't use wound hazel branches or something similar, but a dry piece of trunk wood. Cherry, beech, yew and hazel are quite suitable, but pine wood has yielded some pretty shafts as well. Length, diameter and (if possible) colour are chosen to match the individual spindle whorls: heavy whorls turn nicer with a longer shaft.